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The Philadelphia Area Service (ASC) meeting's main purpose is to bring the groups together to research and develop ways of better fulfilling our primary purpose... "to carry the message to the addict who still suffers". Also, as part of the service structure as a whole, the ASC works as a liaison for information exchange between the groups and Region. The ASC meeting is always governed by the 12 Traditions of NA and a revised version of "Robert's Rules of Order".

Come Get Involved

We meet at Johnson Memorial Church, Hawthorne and Longshore St. the 2nd sunday of the month at 7:30pm.
Subcommittees meet at 6pm.
Administrative Subcommittee meeting is at 7:00pm before regularly scheduled area.


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Name Filename
Meeting List PhilaMtgList815.pdf
Policy Guide PolicyGuide.PDF
Literature Form LitForm2014.pdf


Position Status
Administrative Open Positions
Regional Committee Member (RCM) Fulfilled
Hospitals and Institutions Fulfilled
Unity Open Positions
Convention Committee Open
Literature Review Co-OPEN
Public Relations Open Positions
Meeting List Rep Fulfilled
Phone Line Open


Month Day
March 3/8/15
April 4/12/15
May 5/10/15
June 6/14/15
July 7/12/15
August 8/9/15
September 9/13/15
October 10/11/15