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Greater Philadelphia Region Covering Philadelphia, and parts of suburbs surrounding Philadelphia
Eastern PA Region Covering Bucks County, Twin Rivers, Pure and Simple and Montco Areas
Autonomy Zone The Autonomy Zone is comprised of six Narcotics Anonymous Regions. These Regions are located in the Eastern portion of the United States of America
Tri-State Region Covering Western Pennsylvania, and West Virgina
Mid-Atlantic Region Covering Central and Northern Pennsylvania
Small Wonder Area Covering Wilmington, DE and surrounding areas
Clean Acres Area Covering Chester County in Pennsylvania
New Jersey Statewide Covering all of New Jersey's Areas
Capital Area of NJ Covering Trenton, NJ and surrounding areas
Central Jersey Area Covering Central New Jersey
South Jersey Area Covering Southern New Jersey
Free State Region Covering Baltimore, MD, Eastern and Northern Maryland, Delaware, and Northern Virginia's eastern shore
Greater New York Region Covering all of New York Cities 5 Boroughs and surrounding areas
Suffolk Area Covering Long Island, NY

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